It seems that the Japanese corporation is working on a "secret" device, having to change the current direction of the market. In an interview with Makoto Kimura, head of Nikon, editorial Bloomberg asked about falling sales compacts – which, moreover, is not just a Nikon problem, but all manufacturers.

People are increasingly willing to take pictures and smartphones (…) We are a company focused on the cameras, but we can approach change (…)

It is very important words which in the long run may suggest expansion Nikon. Therefore, the portfolio of cameras, lenses and binoculars professional could join another category. In Japan, brought to life a new section with "create a product that will change the prevailing concept of the camera. Perhaps it will be the same equipment with digital cameras being outside."

Nikon Coolpix S800c / photo by Nikon

Nikon Rumors and Bloomberg does not preclude a smartphone with a yellow logo, although it would be pretty unlikely. Kimura himself denied that his company was working on this type of device. COOLPIX S800c is one thing, a full-fledged phone – something completely different. It is possible that Nikon will develop activities in the medical field – like the Olympus. Source: Nikon Rumors, Bloomberg