The world of digital photography has recently been dominated by the struggle of Canon and Nikon, and rolling slowly, side track for the rich, Leica. However, the silence from other manufacturers, did not mean passivity. Japanese engineers from Sony, still working on a new flagship SLR offers the semipermeable mirror. Model A99 has already appeared in gossip about two weeks ago. Today we have put a handful of fresh information.

Sony A77 / photo by Sony

For now confirm the rumors that Sony A99 was to be based on a matrix size of full frame. We expect 24.3-megapixel resolution and a 102-point AF system. SLR will handle filming in 24p mode, and the base software is packed with special effects and filters. Interestingly, the board is a 3-megapixel EVF, which is a record in the field of electronic viewfinders. Apparently, the engineers are developing and considering two variants of the A99, differing from each other LCD screen. Not yet known whether the win with tilting option, touchscreen. Sony's flagship SLR will be slightly larger and heavier than the A77 model, which for now is the reference point for the prototype. Probably will be released in September 2012. Suggested price may be up to 2800 USD. Source: Photo Rumors