One YouTuber, thanks to publicly available programs that use artificial intelligence, renewed the old film by the Lumiere brothers. Will this technology make films from a hundred years old gain a new life?

Today's technology based on Artificial Intelligence can sometimes surprise. For example, coloring black and white photos and videos. This process has been known for years, but before it was very difficult and laborious, and thus expensive. Meanwhile, today you can color your photos for free with a few clicks, and the process of coloring movies is becoming easier and available to almost everyone. However, new tools are emerging that may turn out to be groundbreaking. Youtuber Denis Shiryaev used programs using Artificial Intelligence to renew the famous Lumiere movie "Train entry to La Ciotat station" from 1896.

Lumiere brothers movie in 4K 60p

YouTube Preview Image Denis used two available programs: Gigapixel and DAIN. The former is used to increase the resolution of photos and videos – so it restores them greater sharpness and clarity than it would appear from their original resolution. In turn, DAIN can complement video frames, resulting in increasing the frame rate of the film. In this way, we can create slow-motion from a movie recorded in a standard format. Or from a movie recorded at 16 fps (as in a silent cinema) get a standard 50p, characteristic of television. YouTuber used these two programs to get the effect of improving the quality of the movie. As you can see in the example above, it did quite well. Of course, you can see that the film has many errors, but the film's clarity is indeed high, and the fluidity makes it look more natural. Added to this train sound and station sounds further affect the final effect. The only thing missing was the color of the film, because if it was still done in the right way, we could see the shot from over 120 years ago, as if it was being shot literally a moment ago. This is amazing, because when we suddenly cross the barrier of color and quality it becomes clear that we are observing real people and real world. Seeing black and white 16p clips I always have the impression that they are as if from another world, less real. YouTube Preview Image

Old movies will gain a new life

Think about how this combination of several AI-based programs can have a big impact on old movies. As soon as these technologies are refined, all pre-war materials, full of defects and technical problems will suddenly start to look like movies shot today. Of course, today old films are being reconstructed, but it is a very expensive process. Basing reconstruction on programs using AI will significantly speed up the reconstruction process and make it cheaper. In addition, programs based on Artificial Intelligence are constantly learning, so with each processed material they make less and less mistakes, and the effect gets better.