A new version of Darktable 3.0 has been released. With it, many news, including FEB support, a new interface and improved stability.

In my humble opinion, Darktable is the best free alternative to Adobe Lightroom. An alternative that doesn't require compromises, as is the case with DaVinci Resolve film processing. The OpenSource licensed program has just got version 3.0, which brings some interesting news.

Darktable 3.0 and news

The new version is marked 3.0.0rc0 and it is not final yet, but you can download it now . The program gains, among others, the option of choosing the appearance of the interface. A new "timeline" view has been added in the "lighttable" tab. Enlarging and reducing the preview of selected photos can now be done with the mouse scroll. The photo denoise system has been significantly improved, which now is supposed to perform much better than in the previous version. Several new modules have also been added, including "basic adjustments". We can also use the automatic photo enhancement option known from Rawtherapee. Of course, profiles of the latest digital cameras have also been added.



Among the significant changes, the introduction of LUT profile support deserves attention. Thanks to this, we can find a whole lot of free filters on the web, which we can successfully apply to photos, setting their strength. In addition, the stability of the program has to be significantly improved, which is supposed to run faster and less frequently.

Darktable 3.0 download

A detailed description of the changes, Darktable 3.0 can be found at the source . The test version of the program can be downloaded on GitHub .