Users of newer versions of iPhones can count on free photo backup in the Google Photos cloud with no image resolution limit. Pixel 4 produced by Google does not provide such a possibility.

To make sure that nothing goes wrong with our photos when you lose or destroy your phone, it's worth having a backup in the cloud. Google Photos offers free backup, but only in limited, reduced resolution. You must pay or … have an iPhone for full resolution backup.

iPhone and unlimited photo backup

Why Apple smartphone users can count on free backup in full resolution, and users of the latest model from Google have to pay for such a possibility?

iPhone X/fot.

iPhone X/fot.

The answer is: HEIC. It's a new format for photos, more efficient, thanks to which high-resolution files take up less space than the standard JPG extension. iPhones from IOS 11, i.e. from 2017, use this format instead of JPG. As it turns out, Google Photos does not convert these files because after it they would take up more space than before. However, without conversion they occupy a much smaller area than JPGs with the same resolution. So, it turns out that Apple guarantees Google big savings, because file conversion is the work of servers, i.e. power consumption. And for tens of millions of photos, this is a noticeable cost. Full-resolution photos can also be obtained by Android smartphone users, as this system supports the HEIC extension from the 10th version. However, Google has not yet implemented changes to the Pixel 4 models. Certainly, however, soon this option will also appear in its new smartphones.