There are many indications that we will soon see Sony E lenses from the Chinese company Yongnuo. Holders of full-frame cameras and those with an APS-C matrix will be pleased.

There is one problem with the Sony E system. Lenses for this mount, to put it mildly, are not the cheapest. That is why many users use other glasses that connect via adapters. However, the situation is beginning to change and soon it can be really good. Because here Yongnuo is to enter the market. What will it offer to Sony users?

Yongnuo Sony E – what lenses

Tamron has recently started producing glasses for Sony E and will soon be showing some interesting lenses. However, according to , according to rumors confirmed at 90 percent, Yongnuo lenses for Sony E will soon appear on the market. from photographic accessories like flash lights, but also produces its versions of the lenses used in SLRs, which are almost identical to the originals, also in terms of quality, and at the same time are much cheaper.

fot. Sony

fot. Sony

According to the rumor, the producer will show his versions of popular stands for Sony E, i.e. 50 mm f / 1.8 and 35 mm f / 1.8 . We do not know, however, whether these lenses will have stabilization, as in the originals. The fact is, however, that these are two budget glasses, which Yongnuo can cost less than a thousand zlotys. In addition, there is talk of the introduction of a 24-70 mm full-frame lens , although it is not known with what light. The introduction of such a lens would be a breakthrough, because now, to have such a lens, the user has to pay several thousand zlotys, even for the version with f / 4 light. Such glass made by Yongnuo and at a correspondingly lower price would definitely become a hit. When can we expect any lenses? It is said that at least one more this year. I strongly hope that this rumor will work and soon we will be able to buy Sony E glasses for little money.