There are many indications that the Nikon Z50 mirrorless will debut soon on the market. An advanced camera with an APS-C matrix can be a competition, among others for Sony A6000 series.

The mirrorless market is constantly developing. Currently, every large manufacturer has in its offer a full-frame mirrorless camera. Also on the shelf of cameras with the APS-C sensor you can find many interesting models. This segment will soon be strengthened by Nikon. According to , Nikon Z50 will debut soon on the market.

Nikon Z50 – APS-C mirrorless camera

Nikon's adventure with mirrorless cameras began with the Nikon 1 series. It ended with five subsequent editions of this model, which, however, did not conquer the market. Last year, the manufacturer showed two full-frame mirrorless cameras – Nikon Z6 and Z7.

Nikon Z6 i Z7

Nikon Z6 i Z7

Now, in turn, Nikon intends to mark its presence in the APS-C segment. The new Nikon Z50 is to have a 20 Mpix matrix with 11 fps serial mode. The camera will be available with two lenses: NIKKOR Z 16-55mm f / 3.5-6.3 and a NIKKOR Z 50-250mm f / 4.5-6.3. For now, that's all we know about the new model. We will have to wait for more details. However, it can be seen that the APS-C mirrorless cameras will soon have a new competitor . Let it be, however, a more interesting proposition than full manufacturer cages, which did not turn out to be as groundbreaking as expected.