Tamron is preparing four new lenses for the full-frame Sony FE system. What does it mean? Finally, we will get reasonably priced glasses for full-frame mirrorless cameras of the A7 and A9 series.

Every Sony system user knows that in addition to the huge number of advantages, the user also has to face one serious drawback: lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras are not the cheapest. Fortunately, Tamron's proposal is on the horizon .

Tamron Sony FE lenses

One of the more interesting premieres for Sony mirrorless users was the Tamron 28-75 mm with f / 2.8 light. This lens costs just over 3,000. PLN , so it is not very cheap, but it is still the cheapest universal lens with a constant and bright light that can be bought for a full Sony frame. For comparison, the Sony 18-105 mm lens costs over 2.1 thousand. PLN , but it is intended for APS-C matrices and its light is f / 4. That is why we are very interested in four new Tamron lenses , which will appear on the market soon. YouTube Preview Image Looking at the presented photo, one can expect that the manufacturer will present three primes and one zoom. So we can expect some bright lenses with aperture of f / 1.8. Maybe the classic fifty with stabilization? And 35 mm and 24 mm? I think it would be very interesting. In turn, the zoom will probably be something longer , because the manufacturer already offers 17-28 mm and the aforementioned 28-75 mm. Therefore, it can be expected that it wants to "supplement" the focal range. So maybe something like 70-200 with f / 4 light? We are very curious what it could be. We will know more details in the fall, because rumors say that new glasses can be presented at the October PhotoPlus Show. We are waiting!