Do you enjoy spinning? We choose the top 10 YouTube channels, which you can subscribe to if you want to develop your movie workshop. You will find inspirations, guides and reviews of equipment on them.

To be a better filmmaker you have to do as many films as possible. It is also good to look at others. That is why it is worth following YouTubers who deal with the subject of filming. We've selected the top 10 YouTube channels for you, which you should subscribe to if you're interested in filming.

Film Riot

yt1 One of the most popular channels that has been operating for many years. The creators mainly focus on guides, with special emphasis on creating different effects. If you're fun with Adobe After Effects , be sure to check out this channel.

This Guy Edits

yt2 A movie channel entirely dedicated to the art of editing. His leader is a professional editor. In his materials, he analyzes the installation in well-known cinema productions, and also installs guides. If you want to assemble well, it's worth to read this channel.

Matti Haapoja

yt3 This is currently one of my favorite channels. His guide writes very interesting guides, but also vlogs. It deals with many topics related to filming , eg how much a filmmaker should earn. He also advises on how to color the shots, what equipment is best used, what to remember at work. This channel is a large knowledge base.

DSLR Video Shooter

yt4 As the name suggests, the leader focuses on hardware issues related to film cameras. It tests cameras, lenses, also advises in the choice of lighting. There are really many hardware tips on the channel, so check out before going shopping.

Potato Jet

yt5 On this channel you can find various materials regarding filming, from hardware advice, through video guides, to lifestyle materials that look good. The host likes to test the latest equipment, so it's worth checking if you're interested in a premiere . Each week there are several new videos posted on the channel.

Tom Antos

yt6 Tom is really Tom. The host is a Pole, lives in the United States and makes a living as a professional cinematographer. That is why his guides are exceptionally good, because they are created by the eye of a professional who has been active in the industry for many years. In addition, a large number of films have Polish subtitles , and Tom uploads several new films each month.

Indy Mogul

yt7 A man-legend of the YouTube movie world . He founded the channel in 2007, after a few years for some time he broke off recording on YouTube, but not so long ago returned. Indy creates videos on various subjects related to filming. Their advantage is that they just look great. You will find here a lot of advice on working on a film set.

Now You See It

yt8 On this channel you will not find any manuals or reviews of equipment or behind-the-scenes materials. Each material is an analysis of a film work , the means used in it, a method of narrative. This is a great channel for people who are interested in cinema more on filmography. The creators analyze the most iconic films and do it in an incredibly interesting way.

Matt WhoisMatt Johnson

yt9 The channel 's main focus is filming weddings . Therefore, the knowledge base applies to this topic. If this type of movie is your goal, be sure to check it out here. Here you can find tips on how to pose a pair, what color filters to use, what equipment works best. There are also materials showing live work during the wedding.


yt10 At the end of the channel straight from Poland . Its creator tries to imitate the style of Peter McKinnon and Matti Haapaj. On the channel, we can find guides on filming and mounting, and there is also no hardware advice. The host uploads one movie a week, so the material is coming all the time.

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