We choose the best YouTube channels, which are worth subscribing to be up to date in the world of photography. These are guide channels, as well as those on which equipment tests can be found.

Even if you're good at what you do, it's still worth learning. It is also good to be up to date with the latest developments in the world of photography. In both cases, YouTube channels will help, which creators take up the subject of photography. Here are 10 photo channels on YouTube that are worth subscribing to.

Peter McKinnon

yt1 One of the most well-known photographers on YouTube, though he's also filming, so if you're interested in both areas – you'll love his channel. Peter records photo guides, advises in the selection of equipment, and also vlogs. Generally, its channel has a whole range of different types of materials, and its popularity can be confirmed by the fact that it is subscribed to by over 3.5 million people.

Kai W

yt2 Kai was once the lead channel's leader in DigitalRev, then he left and set up his own. Today, the first one publishes materials rarely, while Kai is active. He mainly creates hardware movies , so he tests cameras and lenses. Due to its popularity, it gets new products at the time of their release. Therefore, if you want to watch video previews of the latest equipment, you should look at its channel.

Tony & Chelsea Northrup

yt3 On this channel, two photographers, Tony and Chelsea, several times a week publish films that take on various photographic issues. They create guides on photography and photo processing , compare equipment, and also create tutorials that teach some models.


yt4. On this channel, various types of photographic issues are explained in an accessible way. Here you can find guides and tests. There are also filming materials. There is also a lack of more loose, lifestyl films about photography, including behind-the-scenes footage from the session. New films are published several times a month.


yt5 A channel that has been functioning for many years and is a large repository of photographic knowledge. The creators publish a whole lot of guides, the subject matter of which is diverse, and the individual themes are very interesting, for example: how to photograph inside, look like it is outside, or how to take pictures in the strong sun. Many of the tips on the channel will prove useful especially for wedding photographers.

SLR Lounge

yt6 Channel typically focused on photo tutorials. We find here films mainly about how to take pictures in various situations. This is another good place for YouTube for wedding photographer, because among the films you can find materials about how to pose a pair, how to take pictures of wedding decorations, etc. The creators of many films devote their wedding themes.

Matt Granger

yt7 Matt talks mainly about equipment on his channel, so it's worth checking when looking for a camera or lens review or other photo-related equipment. The author also tests the most popular functions in new cameras, checking how they work in practice.

Manny Ortiz

yt8 Manny is a professional photographer who shares his experience with viewers. On his channel you will find tutorials, there are also behind-the-scenes materials from the session. It is worth noting that this photographer uses Sony mirrorless cameras for everyday use – most of the industry still uses SLR cameras, so it's a nice change. In his films on equipment, he focuses mainly on Sony cameras and lenses that work with them.

Jason Vong

yt9 The Jason channel is ideal for people who are most interested in hardware issues. The author reviews photographic novelties on an ongoing basis, not only cameras, but also lenses and all kinds of useful gadgets at work. Usually releases no less than 1-2 films a week.


yt10 At the end something from the Polish yard. Although we can find the most channels related to photography in English, Polish is also one of the highlights on Polish YouTube. On this channel you can find mainly video guides for shooting, but also the selection of the best equipment. The content is mainly addressed to amateurs.

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