The new Panasonic LUMIX TZ95 compact camera has a large zoom lens, a digital viewfinder and can film in 4K. It also has a small matrix. Will he succeed?

Recently, compacts appear less frequently on the digital camera market. And if they appear, they are rather more advanced models. Meanwhile, Panasonic releases LUMIX TZ95 , or the successor to the LUMIX TZ90 model, shown two years ago. What will the camera offer you new?

The most important features

  • MOS 1 / 2.3 inch matrix, 20.3 Mpix
  • Serial mode 10 fps
  • Lens 24-720 mm f / 3.3-6.4
  • Movie mode 4K and slow motion Full HD
  • Touch, tilt screen

Long (but dark) lens

What will be the biggest advantage of the new model? The first thing that comes to mind is a long lens. It has a 30x optical zoom, which translates into a large focal range: 24-720 mm. But what about this long focal length, if the lens is dark again – the light at the level of f / 3.3-6.4 unfortunately does not bode well in the case of shooting indoors or after dark.

Panasonic LUMIX TZ95

Panasonic LUMIX TZ95

The heart of the new model is a tiny matrix 1 / 2.3, from which it slowly moves away in compacts, because similar possibilities are available for smartphones. And from the premise the compact must deal much better than a high-shelby smartphone, because otherwise people will choose the latter. That's why I'm surprised that Panasonic has decided to go to this little matrix. The smallest tonal range, lower image clarity and high ISO digital noise should go hand in hand with small sizes . This, unfortunately, makes the photos will not be of such quality as those made with mirrorless or mirrorless cameras. Rather, the camera will fight with smartphones. Its advantage will definitely be the optical zoom, but otherwise there are not many elements that would beat the competition. The strong point of the model is definitely the autofocus. Here the manufacturer focuses on DFD technology, which will provide quick sharpening. The predecessor had problems with focusing on long focal lengths. Let's hope it will be better this time.

A touch screen for selfie fans

The camera is designed for amateurs. That is why it offers, among other things, a touch screen with the possibility of rotation by 180 degrees . The camera can be operated almost only by touch, like a smartphone. When the display is rotated, the self-portrait mode starts automatically, offering the possibility of beautifying the photo. There was also a whole lot of creative filters. Plus is the serial mode, in which we take 10 photos per second (only 5 with continuous AF), and thanks to the 4K Photo function even 30, but with a lower resolution.

Panasonic LUMIX TZ95

Panasonic LUMIX TZ95

There was also a viewfinder, which due to the size of the camera is very small. The functions of WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity guarantee, among other things, that the camera can be permanently connected to a smartphone, to which images can be sent. We can also use a smartphone remotely.

Movie mode with 4K and slow-motion

In terms of movies, the camera gives us more than some SLRs or mirrorless cameras. There is a movie mode of 4K 30p and slow-motion in Full HD 120 fps. This certainly makes us able to shoot pretty cool movies, even from holiday trips. The producer also boasts a strong battery , which is enough to take about 380 photos on a single charge.

Panasonic LUMIX TZ95

Panasonic LUMIX TZ95

Price and availability

The camera will go shopping in April. We do not know for now how much it will cost. We will get the older TZ90 for PLN 1,300, so this model will certainly be a bit more expensive. I admit, however, that I do not see any special changes from the previous one. And I wonder if it is really worth to buy such not very sophisticated compacts? If anything, it's more like filming. It will work quite well here.