Sony launches a new SD card that combines the two most desirable features by professionals: it is very fast and very durable. What will it offer to users?

The new TOUGH SF-G series combines the world's largest read and write speed with a very robust design, providing bending strength up to 180 N and resistance to fall from a height of up to 5 meters . For photographers working in difficult weather conditions, an additional advantage will be the fact that the SD cards from the TOUGH version SF-G series are watertight (IPX8 degree of protection) and dustproof (IP6X degree of protection). The new SF-G SD cards in the TOUGH version are 18 times stronger than standard SD cards. This property was obtained thanks to the monolithic construction (one-part cast without an empty space inside the card) and high hardness of the materials used – in contrast to the three thin elements forming a typical SD card. The new cards are protected from mechanical damage typical of SD media : rupture of the plastic housing, breaking the data protection switch and breaking the ribs on the connector.

fot. Sony

fot. Sony

Components exposed to rupture and fracture have been completely eliminated, ensuring a balance between hardness and durability. The full tightness of the one-piece casting prevents water, dirt and dust from penetrating into the card, resulting in the carrier meeting the highest water and dust tightness standards (IPX8 and IP6X, respectively).

Cards perfect for photographer and filmmaker

The TOUGH SF-G series meets the requirements of the V90 class, which is the highest standard for writing speed of films. Ideally suited to recording high-definition movies. It is also easy to transfer large files with photos and videos, because the read from SD cards in the TOUGH version of the SF-G series takes place at speeds up to 300 MB / s. SD cards in the TOUGH version of the SF-G series have additional properties that increase the psychological comfort of the photographer. These include the "SD Scan Utility" tool used to verify the card's status and the File Rescue program helping you recover data and photos deleted by mistake. In addition, the TOUGH SF-G series is resistant to X-rays, magnetic fields, static and temperature loads and protected against UV rays. Source: press release