A few practical tips for shooting on vacation. Is it worth taking the camera? What accessories to buy? What to remember? Where not to take pictures?

Holidays in full. It is known that no trip can do without the photographs that document it. How to prepare yourself, so that you do not regret your lost shots later? Start by reading our maniaKalny guide.

Camera or smartphone?

This is one of the dilemmas faced by every amateur of photography. The camera will probably take better pictures, so it seems that it is always worth taking it with you, right? Well, not necessarily. Sometimes a smartphone in your pocket is enough . Especially if it's a phone with a good camera. The camera will be useful when we want to make nice portraits. When we want a longer focal length, because, for example, we are touring the city and the wide teams themselves are not enough. However, going to the beach or going for a walk in the mountains, where we mainly take pictures of the landscape, take a smartphone – it will work well.

Kieszonkowy bezlusterkowiec może zastąpić smartfon/fot. fotoManiaK.pl

Kieszonkowy bezlusterkowiec może zastąpić smartfon/fot. fotoManiaK.pl

Much also depends on the size of the camera. If you're an amateur, opt out of a DSLR that seems more professional in a general way. It's better to buy a small mirrorless camera that you can put in your pocket. You will be able to take it with you everywhere, but it will also work better than your smartphone. Even for PLN 1700, you can buy a pocket-sized Lumiksa GX800 with a kit lens.

Photographing in the sun

In theory, the sun adds charm to the photos, in practice – not always. Sunny day, clear sky and noon – this does not give good results. Pictures, especially those made with a smartphone, can be overexposed, "gray", with shadows that will look like black spots. Rather, pretty pictures will not come out of it. If you care for really nice photos, it's worth taking pictures when the sun is weaker.

Niektóre aplikacje pomagają w wypatrzeniu złotej godziny.

Niektóre aplikacje pomagają w wypatrzeniu złotej godziny.

Photographers love to take photos in the so-called the golden hour that occurs just an hour before sunset or an hour after its sunrise . Then the sun takes on a golden color and gives a unique look to the photos. You do not have to limit yourself to just one hour. All you have to do is avoid the midday and wait for the sun to be slightly weaker. The effects will be much better. If you are shooting with the camera – get a gray filter, or ND . Such an accessory works like a pair of sunglasses. Filtered on the lens darkens the image slightly, which avoids x-rays. The cheapest filters of this type cost just a dozen zlotys . It is worth to buy it, because then even in a stronger sun, the photos will not be overexposed.

No flash or noise

I always associate a traditional picture of a Japanese tourist with a large camera that takes pictures with a flash and, of course, a loud shutter. It's probably a stereotype, but try not to be a "Japanese tourist". Remember that in interiors, especially in museums, it is usually forbidden to take pictures with a flash. However, even if it is not, it is worth to avoid using it. Pictures taken with a built-in lamp rarely come out nicely.

fot. fotoManiaK.pl

fot. fotoManiaK.pl

What's more, lighting with the lamp distracts other visitors. A better solution is simply to use cameras with bright lenses. Currently, smartphones can also boast of bright glasses. Often they will do well without a lamp, and the photos will be better. When using the camera, it is worth switching to the electronic shutter mode. Thanks to this, you can eliminate the sound of the working mechanism. In this way, without a flash and a shutter, you'll take pictures without paying attention to yourself.

Security above all

When leaving, you can not forget about safety. And I mean several factors here. The first is of course that the equipment does not suffer any mechanical damage. Sand is very harmful to the camera and smartphone. It is worth to be especially careful. If you take a smartphone with you, just a little over PLN 100 you can buy a waterproof case that will protect your phone against water, sand and falls.

Wodoszczelna obudowa na smartfona

Wodoszczelna obudowa na smartfona

For cameras, this type of housing is much more expensive. However, even a normal silicone case will seal the camera in its own way and reduce the chance of sand getting inside. If you're using a camera with interchangeable optics, be careful not to change the lens on the beach. A small gust of wind and the grain will contain grains of sand, which can do a lot of damage. It is also worth to wear a camera on the neck strap . It reduces the risk of falling, and it is not difficult on holidays. Also remember that thieves are not missing. All you have to do is leave the phone on the railing of the pier for a minute and you can not find it anymore. Similarly with the camera. So keep your equipment with you, never leave it alone. Keep the camera in your bag and the phone in your pocket. Do not fret too much with the equipment.

Spare cards and batteries

The more pictures you take, the better chance that at least some will be exceptional. Do not be afraid to take many photos. However, remember to take with you enough memory cards. Never forget about the backup card. Many think that it's better to use a few small cards instead of one big one, because then when something happens to one, you will not lose all your photos.

fot. Robert S. Donovan, Flickr, CC

fot. Robert S. Donovan, Flickr, CC

In my opinion, two or three 16-gigabyte cards should be enough if you are not shooting in RAWs. Do not forget about at least one, and preferably two spare batteries. Today's cameras quickly consume energy and it would be a pity to lose the ability to shoot in the middle of the day. Two spare batteries, even cheap replacements, are usually enough to be able to take pictures without interruption throughout the day.

Originality in holiday photos

Do you associate the picture of the leaning tower in Pisa, where the person pretends to try and hold her? Certainly yes, because almost every tourist wants to have such a photo. But do you really want to be one of them? In the pictures of ordinary tourists, every, even the most beautiful place seems the same as all the others. This is because of the lack of originality and idea. many people want to take a picture that they have seen somewhere.

Słynne zdjęcie Michaela Parr'a, ukazujące typowych fototurystów.

Słynne zdjęcie Michaela Parr’a, ukazujące typowych fototurystów.

Try to do something else. Look for interesting and non-obvious shots. Avoid the main streets and go deeper. Where tourists do not go. Remember also that people create the place. Even in the face of the GDP, if you take pictures for yourself, do not be afraid to capture people. Local residents, or even tourists. Fragments of "ordinary life" better reflect the atmosphere of the place than the photographs of historic buildings, the same as found in the books. Being in an interesting place try to capture its climate. Nice buildings and streets are something that will remain in your memory. On the other hand, try to present the reality transformed by yourself. Maybe it sounds strange. But it's just the ingenious, unusual photos taken with the "own eye" is something that always looks the best. And it can appeal to both friends and many strangers on Instagram who will appreciate your work.

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