Nikon is finally preparing a full-frame bezlusterkowiec. We already know a lot about what the specification of the new model will look like.

Nikon currently does not exist on the mirrorless market, it is beyond doubt. Canon had a similar problem, but he was just starting to fight it. Models such as the EOS M50 and EOS M6 show that the manufacturer is starting to find itself on the market. In the case of Nikon, the situation is different. So far, the manufacturer offered only simple mirrorless cameras with a 1-inch matrix: Nikon 1. It is not easy to enter the new model now. That's why Nikon plans to show full-frame mirrorless.

Competition for Sony A7

The specification of the new series looks interesting. The producer intends to release two models. One with a smaller resolution on the level of 24-25 Mpix, the second bigger – 45-48 megapixels . It can be seen that the producer intends to compete directly with the Sony A7R III. The models have 5-axis image stabilization and a serial mode of 9 frames per second.



The camera will have an electronic viewfinder with a resolution of over 3 million points. The screen will be tilted. Autofocus will be equipped with over 400 focus points , so it will be able to compete with the best on the market. You probably miss the built-in flash. The body in terms of dimensions is to be similar to the A7 series from Sony, it has to be greatly contoured and comfortable to use.

A new series of lenses

In the new model, of course, the 4K film mode will not be missing, although for the beginning Nikon is not likely to direct the models closely to filmmakers. There is no information on whether there will be advanced movie modes, color profiles, etc. We know, however, that at the start the manufacturer plans to release three lenses for the mirrorless system. One of them is supposed to be a 24-70 mm kit lens with constant f / 4 light . In addition, two bright 50 mm and 35 mm bases are to appear. You can guess that their brightness will be f / 1.8 or f / 1.4. That's all we know for now. The camera has already been created and is currently in the testing phase. What will be the exact specification and name – we will probably find out later this year, if everything goes as planned. The next opportunity to present the new model is the Photokina exhibition, which will be held in Germany at the end of September.