Are you planning a YouTuber career? I advise you on what equipment to buy to create your own studio for recording movies and video blogs. The budget for the purchase of everything is PLN 3,000.

As you can see, today the production of video on YouTube is a professional occupation, and amateur productions are getting harder and harder. Therefore, if you're going to be serious about making videos on YouTube , you should invest equipment that will provide good quality recordings. In this shopping guide I will try to advise you on what you should buy and what specific model to choose.

Camera for filming

Once, to make films, you had to have a camera. Today, the equipment from the list of the best film cameras is enough. It's best to reach for a mirrorless camera, which is small and handy, and at the same time does not cost much, still providing good quality films and high comfort – comparable to SLRs. Currently, the two most important producers of film cameras are Sony and Panasonic . The most interesting models (especially in terms of quality for the price) have to offer the latter. I recommend especially the Panasonic Lumix GX800. We will buy it for a short time PLN 1800 in a set with a 12-32 mm kit lens . Of course, it will not be too bright, but I assume that you will use additional lighting to record movies, so the dark lens is not a big problem. In this camera you will also find 4K mode and a screen tilted 180 degrees. Slightly larger than in the compact, the matrix will provide a nicer picture. In turn, the option of changing lenses gives you the option of finding light glass, even manual, which will provide a shallow depth of field.

Panasonic Lumix GX800K/fot.

Panasonic Lumix GX800K / fot.

Alternative? A compact camera that already has a built-in lens. An interesting choice here seems Panasonic Lumix TZ90. He spins films in 4K, has a 5-axis stabilization matrix and 30x optical zoom lens, and costs only 1,400 PLN . The advantage of the camera is a screen tilted 180 degrees – it is especially useful when vlogging. The biggest disadvantage – no microphone input. This, in turn, can be bypassed by using an external microphone, which I will mention later.

Microphone for sound recording

Microphone is, next to the camera, the most important element of a home studio for video recording. In the case of vlogging cameras, I paid attention to the fact that models should have an entrance to an external microphone, because it is the best way to record sound in vlogs. In the case of studio recordings, the YouTube guys most often use external microphones , and then the audio syncs. In the end, the microphone must be placed in a different place than the camera, so it's a better solution than the external microphone placed on the hot shoe.

fot. Flickr

fot. Flickr

One of the most popular models that we find in many movies is of course Blue Yeti . However, for this model you will pay, at best, over PLN 500. On the market, however, we find cheaper, and also quite good models that will suffice for the beginning. The cheapest model is Superlux E205U . It is a USB condenser microphone that will provide very good sound quality for less than half the price of the Blue Yeti – PLN 200. For less than PLN 280, you can find this microphone in a set with an arm for mounting on a desk and a "sponge". And so a full set that provides good sound quality, but also looks good. The silver housing looks really good.

A lighting lamp for recording movies

Once we have the question of image and sound, we can not forget about lighting. The difference between recording in daylight or with a normal lamp and using special lighting is colossal. Good lighting gives professionalism to movies and gives you great opportunities when it comes to modeling. For example, you can only light up your character by leaving the background in the shadow. It's a good solution if you do not have a photographic background and your room does not look good. Then just choose the right place to sit, cover the blinds and illuminate only your character.



The best choice for lighting will be LED lamps . They have it to themselves that they consume little energy, do not heat up and cost very little. Two lamps Yongnuo YN300 AIR suffice for good illumination of a small space. They are small, but they are enough to start with. The cost of one lamp is less than PLN 140. Each has 96 large LEDs. The lamps give the possibility of adjusting the color temperature in the range from 3200 to 5500 degrees Kelvin and the power of light. Two tripods for Yongnuo should be purchased on tripods, on which we will attach them. Due to their small size and weight, the simplest flashlight stands will suffice. Such a tripod can be bought on Allegro for less than PLN 50 with shipment. It can therefore be assumed that two lamps with tripods cost PLN 380.

Camera tripod

You can not forget that we have to put something on the camera – after all, we will not hold it in our hands unless we record vlogs. The tripod should have an oil head that allows smooth panning. Besides, it does not have to be an exaggerated advanced model. The cheapest tripod worth attention is Velbon Videomate 538 / F with a height of 161 cm. It is enough for simple applications and we will buy it for PLN 250.



If you do not need a high tripod to put on the floor, you should consider buying a popular Gorillapod . This is a small flexible stand that we can put even on the desk. Its undoubted advantage is that thanks to the flexible construction we can "wrap" various objects and places. So it gives you a lot of room to show off. The cost of one of the cheaper models is PLN 150, you can also find Chinese counterfeits, the quality of which, contrary to appearances, is not so bad.

Background for recording movies

Due to price differences between the models I propose, when choosing cheaper options, there will still be room for photographic background in our budget. Using the background is a good option when you really do not have any place in your home where you could record so that the background behind you does not hurt the viewer. Contrary to appearances, the photographic background is not so much an expense. At Allegro, I found the background with mounting stands and the clips needed to attach the clips for only 150 zlotys. It's really a small cost, and thanks to the purchase of the background you can record in any space. Of course, we can choose different colors, so you can combine a lot to find the one that suits you best.

Home YouTube studio for less than 3000 PLN

It's time to summarize our calculations. The cost of the Lumix GX800 is PLN 1,800, the Superlux E205U microphone in the "spike" version and tripod is PLN 280. Two Yongnuo YN300 AIR lamps cost PLN 380. For the Velbon Videomate 538 / F trip, you need to pay PLN 250. Let's add a photographic background for the price of 150 zlotys. This together gives 2860 PLN . At this price, we managed to build really good equipment that will allow you to record high-quality video material. For the remaining amount, you can buy a memory card for the camera or even an additional battery, which is certainly useful. As you can see, even with a small budget, you can have pretty good equipment   will   start a career on YouTube and already at the entrance offer production in decent quality.


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