Transcend introduces new micro SD and SD memory cards. They are characterized by a large capacity, up to 512 GB. Their speed allows you to record the image in 4K.

Transcend introduces two series of new memory cards: silver 300S and gold 500S. In both cases, we are dealing with micro SD and SD cards. The premiere media is dedicated to work with drones, sport cameras and film cameras.

Transcend 500S series

Transcend microSDHC 500S series media are adapted to devices such as drones or sport cameras. Quality standards are guaranteed by the U3 and V30 speed standards, allowing for accurate image recording in high definition without losing frames. The capacities of the cards in this series belong to the range of 8 to 128 GB, which gives the possibility of video recording even in 4K quality. Models from the 500S series, SDXC / SDHC format, can be used in reflex cameras and advanced cameras. Reading speed of 95MB / s and 60MB / s write and a capacity of up to 256GB provide great comfort of work. The 500S series is characterized by high resistance to extreme conditions . The JIS IPX7 standard provides water resistance up to 30 minutes, with a draft of up to 1 meter. The cards can work in the temperature range from -25ºC to 85ºC and show insensitivity to electrostatic effects, X-rays and shocks.

Transcend 300S series

The 300S microSD cards belong to the A1 class. They will be a good medium for installing applications used in smartphones or tablets. The cards come in capacities from 16 to 128 GB for the microSD type and from 16 GB to 512 GB for the SD card. The 300S series has a reading speed of up to 95 MB / s and up to 45 MB / s write. Like the 500S series, cards with the 300S designation meet the same standards for resistance to adverse conditions. karty

Price and warranty

The manufacturer provides card life of 10,000 insertion and removal cycles, a 5-year warranty and RecoverX software for data recovery and media management. The program can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer's website. The products will soon be available for sale in Poland. The suggested prices for the 300S series cards are: For microSD cards:

  • 16 GB version – PLN 19
  • 32 GB – 39 PLN
  • 64 GB – 79 PLN
  • 128 GB – PLN 159

SD cards:

  • 16 GB version – PLN 25
  • 32 GB – 45 PLN
  • 64 GB – PLN 85
  • 128 GB – 169 PLN Prices for SD cards from the 300S series with a capacity of 256 GB and 512 GB are not yet known.

In the 500S series, the suggested prices are: For microSD cards:

  • The 8 GB version – PLN 25
  • 16 GB – PLN 45
  • 32 GB – 89 PLN
  • 64 GB – 199 PLN
  • 128 GB – PLN 469

For SD cards:

  • 8 GB – PLN 25
  • 16 GB – 35 PLN
  • 32 GB – 59 PLN
  • 64 GB – PLN 129
  • 128 GB – 199 PLN
  • 256 GB – 545 PLN