In the spring, Sony lowers the price of cameras. Selected models in the promotion can be purchased with up to 25% discount.

From April 1 Sony introduces new prices. For some cameras, the discount will be up to 25 percent! Among the discounted models, we find, among others, the most popular cameras, which we will buy even by PLN 1000 cheaper. The sale concerns mirrorless cameras and compact cameras as well as lenses. What will we find at lower prices? Among other things, the very popular Sony A6300 mirrorless camera. We will buy it for PLN 2999 , which is 500 zlotys cheaper. For 3500 zlotys we will get a camera with a kit lens, while less than 5000 zlotys we have to give for a version with a lens 18-105 mm with f / 4 light. One of the biggest reductions has hit the Sony A7S camera. This model is over three years old, the second version of the camera is already on the market, and everyone expects a third. It is no wonder that the camera was overpriced by a thousand zlotys and we will buy it now for 7 thousand zlotys . A full-frame Sony A7R III, although this item is quite new, because presented in the fall, it was also overpriced. At the time of the release it was necessary to give him over 15,000, currently we will find him for less than 14,000 .

Sony A7R III

Sony A7R III

Full frame 50 mm with f / 1.8 light we buy now for 900 PLN , so it is a price that will be available to many users – as we know, the mirrorless Sony system lenses are not the cheapest. The most expensive ones we buy in many cases by PLN 500 cheaper , including a universal varifocal model 28-70 mm with f / 2.8 light. The cheaper is also the Sony RX10 superzoom. In turn, we will buy for around PLN 2,700 , and it has cost nearly PLN 3,000 so far. As the manufacturer informs, the new offer includes only selected models of mirrorless and compact cameras and lenses and is entirely dependent on the selected Sony partner store.

Sony mirrorless – where is the cheapest?

There are no top-down price guidelines, so in the same partner store the same model may be more expensive than in another. The list of stores that take part in the promotion can be found below.

  • Aster
  • Fotoaparaciki
  • photoforms
  • Fotojoker
  • Foto-Plus
  • Fotostrada
  • Proclub

It's nice that Sony decided to overestimate his models. There is nothing to hide, compared to Panasonic's offer, it is difficult for this producer to find cameras at lower prices, which could be afforded by less wealthy users. On the other hand, it is possible that the reduction is intended to sell older models. This means that the manufacturer is preparing new products.