Canon is working on a new generation sensor – the sensor has the chance to provide extremely high sensitivity. It is possible that he will go to a new bezłusterkowca. Is this the beginning of competition for Sony A7S II?

Canon is currently working intensively on new matrices, and therefore the heart of every camera. The Japanese manufacturer has recently become interested in the mirrorless market. Models such as Canon EOS M50 show that Canon can release a mirrorless camera at a good price and with parameters that do not diverge from the competition. Still, we are waiting for the top model, or mirrorless, which will have a great specification and will become an interesting proposition for professionals. For now, the models that Canon presents, aim rather at a low or medium shelf, but a few facts suggest that it will soon change. First of all, the company is working on the development of dies. We have already succeeded in developing a sensor with a huge resolution – 120 megapixels . This value is known from medium format cameras. However, I think that sensitivity is more important than resolution. Canon has also developed a matrix that with its sensitivity has the chance to break even the competition in the form of Sony A7S II. The sensor called 35MMFHDXS CMOS is a full frame sensor whose resolution is only 2.2 megapixels . This suggests, therefore, that the matrix will be designed for cameras or cameras for filming. The individual pixels are 19μm in size (both length and width). YouTube Preview Image The new design is to provide ultra-high sensitivity, as well as image detail and, of course, a wide tonal range. We also learn from the published film that the matrix will be adapted for slow-motion filming at 100 frames per second in Full HD quality . The creators say that in other matrices, turning in slow-motion with high ISO gives a small detail, which in turn is supposed to be very high.

A full-frame Canon mirrorless camera

The information about the new matrix is ​​interesting because we also learn that the producer can present a full-frame bezlusterkowce next year. Such information is provided by , citing the Nikkei Japanese newspaper. According to information, both Nikon and Canon can show the mirrorless cameras with a 35 mm matrix next year.

fot. YouTube

fot. YouTube

So we can assume that the new matrix will go not only to one of Canon's film cameras, but to the new full-frame model. Looking at the fact that Canon develops a mirrorless branch, we can expect that the new model without a mirror will be something really interesting. Camera for filming from Canon is something that many are waiting for , because current models are far from the competition of Panasonic and Sony. On the other hand, a camera designed for film tasks, which will be equipped with an ultra-bright full frame sensor, slow-motion mode, 4K film profiles, can be quite a mess on the market. For more information, however, we will have to wait a bit, but I keep my fingers crossed for Canon to show something cool and stop the duo of Sony and Panasonic.