Have you lost the photos you have stored on your camera's memory card? Nothing yet lost. There are several free programs thanks to which you will quickly recover deleted photos and recover your data.

Equipment, thanks to which we can make the best quality photos and store them in safe "technical" conditions, we are less and less disappointed. However, it is not possible to completely eliminate the factors whose occurrence may result in the loss of photos or access to them. Is it possible to recover such valuable materials for us and what is the scale of the difficulties that should be taken to be able to enjoy the pictures again? Of course, data recovery techniques and images are many – some "to do" alone, others – using more specialized knowledge. However, before we struggle with these kinds of problems, let's try to act in the first place so that the loss of photos does not occur. There may be several sources of problems with recovering photos . The most common are damage to images before copying the card to the computer, accidentally formatting the card, making a rewrite (which certainly will not allow us to get into the "resources" of the card from the loss of photos) and camera malfunction.

How to optimize the operation of the memory card and camera?

Pay attention to the condition of the battery, if it is running out, do not take pictures – change the batteries as soon as possible for new ones, fully charged. Why? Just "taking" a photo does not mean that it will be properly saved on the card. Using an almost discharged battery can also damage the card. It is worth formatting the memory card – instead of deleting images. Do not turn off the camera while the process of recording images is still in progress. Although it usually does not last longer than a few dozen or so seconds, it is worth to wait, otherwise pictures may not be saved on the card (although they are already visible on the display). If you see that the card does not "behave" properly, a better solution is to replace it with a new one, and then try to recover photos using one of the popular programs (available for free on the Internet).

Programs for "self" photo recovery

In the network, we find many quite good and free programs that allow you to recover photos (access to them) – although this is not always possible without specialist help. It is, however, worth trying out programs such as Recuva, CardRecovery, EaseUS Data Recovery, PicaJet Photo Recovery, PC Inspector File Recovery or MjM Free Photo Recovery or ZAR Digital Image Recovery. These programs differ from each other – some give smaller, other greater possibilities of recovering photos – sometimes it is worth to be patient when the program scans the card for a long time, but thanks to that the photos will be recovered. For example, the Recuva program gives you the opportunity not only to recover deleted images, but also other files, others (such as ZAR Digital Image Recovery) – reading photos even when the computer's operating system or the camera "can not see" the card. These types of programs usually cope with the recovery of photos , because even if you delete files – they are not physically destroyed, there is only modification or erasing the structure responsible for indicating the location of files on the disk. However, in the process of data overwriting, the actual liquidation of images takes place – then there will be a problem with their recovery. Available on the network, programs scan the media to find binary data and recover it. Technical data recovery using the above mentioned programs is very simple. Just install the selected program, insert the card into the reader and run the program. After choosing the language option (most of the programs are also available in Polish) – we will receive instructions to perform "step by step". The average "recovery" of photos is a few minutes.

Specialist's help

It happens that common programs will not bring results – then it is worth going to the specialists for help. IT companies specializing in in professional data recovery from various media (not only SD cards, but also from HDD disks or media built from flash systems – NAND), they have the right knowledge and practice to meet this task in many cases. Appropriate actions are taken depending on the reasons for the problem of the lack of access to data. These may be logical reasons (eg deletion of photos) or physical (damage to electronics due to mechanical "injury" of the card or eg flooding it). In a word – if we discover that we have lost access to photos – do not be afraid. In most cases, the recovery of these valuable files will be possible – whether alone or with the help of specialists. The article was created in cooperation with DATA Lab .