From tomorrow, Fujifilm will start with a new cashback. It will cover the lenses and the manufacturer's mirrors. As part of the promotion we can receive up to 860 zł.

On the days between 1.11.17 and 31.01.18, you must purchase a qualifying product from one of the recommended photo salons. Between 30 and 60 days from the date of purchase, you must claim a refund of the amount spent on promotion page by entering your personal details, account number and sending a receipt or invoice photo. After 14 days, if the application is correct, the money will be in the client's account. During the promotion period, one person may submit a maximum of 3 cash reimbursement requests . Each application will be accepted if it does not apply to the same model as the previous applications. For a full list of cameras and refunds, you'll find here . fuji The list of recommended Fujifilm partners is on the manufacturer's website . There you will find promotion rules . The winter season runs until January 31, 2018. On return of 860 zł Fujifilm X-Pro 2 will buy for less than 7 thousand. zł. Could it be a good time to exchange an old camera?