Another edition of White Alice's photography workshop opens. The next meeting will take place in Warsaw on 21-22.10.2017. Fashion and portrait fans will love it, but they will also love the photos they have created. Traditionally, artistic and reporting photographs will be created.

I have the impression that in Poland the expression "posing man" still sounds weak. I do not understand why this happens. This can be through jealousy or complexity. Of course, in the fashion world you can meet androgenic silhouettes. But they also posit the bodybuilders-athletes. Actors and musicians. There is increasing tolerance for age. Indeed, the original features are the hallmarks of portrait photography. And growth is an asset in the catwalk. Besides, the pictures are a great souvenir. Conversations are a great opportunity to meet interesting people.
fot. Emily Soto

fot. Emily Soto

How to succeed in the world of modeling? Creativity and collaboration are still important. How to get pleasure from posing? I think that passion is what determines it. And sure enough, there will be people who will always see the narcissistic plan. But in this place you have to ask yourself: Do we really know who is posing? Who is in the picture? ~ White Alice

White Alice and Old Prague

In the autumn we will work in the climate of the urban vanguard. Carefully painted faces, circus styling and 20s. I admit that first I was inspired by the group "Łódź Kaliska" . Then the Parisian climate. I think that this theme is a perfect fit in the architecture of Old Prague.

fot. archiwum Łódź Kaliska

fot. archiwum Łódź Kaliska

 fot. Janusz Wiewióra

fot. Janusz Wiewióra

I continue to follow the story. This is another edition. Involved people come year after year . Actors, designers and make-up artists. We invite you to co-operation of curators and media patronage. We are open to dialogue and experiments.

Who can take part in the workshops

But everyone, we open the door to bold and shy. From portrait to fashion. We are inclined towards artfashion . Artistic photography or creative design. But there are also reportage sessions. It depends on what happens on the set. Everyone has the opportunity to take digital and analogue pictures. You can contact us with various cameras and technicians. Workshop participants often exchange lenses and help each other in keeping the blends. Such integration makes it very nice. Therefore , people come to us at the beginning of the road as well as those more advanced . Do not be afraid. Suffice good will, a pinch of curiosity and love for photography.

The most important information

  • time: 21-22 October 2017
  • where: Warsaw (Old Prague)
  • formula: weekend
  • records:

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