There is a free license for DxO OpticsPro 11. What do you need to do to get the program for free?

I wrote some time ago about free alternatives to Lightroom, where I covered mostly programs prepared by your camera manufacturers. But if you want to try something else, just have the opportunity – you can download for free DxO OpticsPro 11 Essential Edition! What should I do to download the program for free? The case is extremely simple. All you have to do is to enter your email address on the DxO website , where you will receive the download link in the appropriate version (Windows or MacOS) and the activation code. And that's it! Please note that this version can not be updated, but you can install it on two devices. The Essential version is a bit sloppy and lacks some professional features – for example lack of ICC profile management. But you can not live without it if you do not prepare photos for printing. For more information, see the Cumulative Differences page. Anyway, if it turns out that functions are needed, then with the activation code comes the promotional code , reducing the price of Elite version by 50 euros – instead of 199 € you will pay 149 €. The code is valid until January 1.