When can we expect a medium format lens from Sony? What about the STL line and classic mirrors?

Sony produces a lot of dies for many great cameras. For the portfolio the company wanted to introduce a 150 megapixel, medium format matrix and that's it next year. Does that mean we'll see a mid-range Sony logo lens? Not so fast – Sony owners say they will not introduce a medium format yet . Why? After all, in fact, the production of such a matrix is ​​not much of a problem – a medium format matrix, in addition with a resolution of 100 mpx Sony already has and was placed in the Phase One 100 XF. So what is the obstacle? It turns out that something that probably ran out in many cases at the beginning of the road with sparks – common sense. Sony says that at this point it will not introduce medium format because there are no lenses and accessories and, perhaps more importantly – there are not enough engineers and components to do the product they have dreamed of . This is good news, because after all, there are still a few lenses missing. 400 F2.8. And while in the case of smaller matrices you can afford some relaxation and slow access to the accessories, so in mid-range devices it is excluded – the camera is supposed to hit the professionals, and you will not be willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on equipment that will lie in closet, because no pictures will do it. What's next? The medium format will not be a strategic product of the Japanese, so classic mirrors will not suffer from this decision. It seems that even the SLT line should not feel any medium format market. Source: sonyalpharumors.com