We have come to the specification of further Opteki lenses. What will they offer?

Opteki glasses can be of interest because of price and quality – this is not the highest-flying optics, but it is enough for photographers. We recently talked about lenses for this brand for lenses, and now have found the specifications of 50mm and 35mm lenses. What do you expect? I will start with 35mm, because it is standard. Focal we already know, and the light was F1.7; Glasses are with coatings. There is a 9-blade diaphragm, 5 glasses in 6 groups and a minimum focusing distance of 30 cm . Of course, we sharpen manually. So standard. 50mm, however, is slightly different than other products of this type. Mainly because of the brightness – it's F2. In addition, the focus will be 65cm. The glasses are coated, arranged in 5 groups in 6 groups, 9 apertures and manual focus. So why do I find it strange? It was just through the light. Why did you choose F2? It can be said that between 1.8 and 2 will not make a big difference, but sometimes it can be quite significant. Besides, although purely theoretically, it should be assumed that the lens closed with F1.8 to F2 will be sharper than the lens whose full hole is F2. And this sharpening distance … 50mm allows sharpening from nearer distances, up to about 30 centimeters, and averaging within 35-40 centimeters, and at least an additional 25 centimeters. Maybe I'm stuck, but that's a lot – try taking a picture of a 50mm lens with a distance of 40 cm and then with 65 cm. I do not know what led Opteki engineers to work on glass like this 50. I know that such a focal length is the absolute base and one of the four lenses that you must have. I do not know if this model would be present in my backpack … Source: 43rumors.com