Sony starts working with Manfrotto. What will be the result of this cooperation?

The Japanese have recently collaborated with PhaseOne Software, which offers a free version of its RAW program, Capture One, and a Pro release. Now Sony starts working with Manfrotto . What do you expect? Manfrotto has decided to produce dedicated Sony equipment that will primarily target travelers . The first such product is to be a stand that will be presented at Photoplus in New York, less than a month. Interestingly, it is expected to be presented next to the new Alpha camera, or at least I understand the information – is it coming Sony A7 III? For this Manfrotto will release a series of dedicated accessories specially prepared under Alpha equipment . What can this mean? Hard to say, but most likely, Sony will give up its tripods to those of Manfrotto, and of course the heads. So far it is not known whether the partnership will be extended to other Italians like bags and backpacks. Then Sony would expire line of their products of this type. Interesting only what will be the price of new tripods. Maybe Sony users will be able to count on some discounts, as in the case of software from PhaseOne? Source: