The LIGHTS Competition for Artistic Travel will soon begin. The fun has been created for smartphone photographers.

Shooting smartphones is getting more and more popular, and mobile photography already has a lot of followers. If you also like to take a picture with your phone, the perfect contest for you will start on 1 October! The Artistic Journey will host the LIGHTS contest. The theme of the competition is light. This can be interpreted freely, so all creators can release their creativity and present truly diverse works. Zuza Krajewska and Sonia Szóstak will be in the jury. The best works are waiting for the exhibition in Warsaw and Gdańsk, and the winner of the competition will win a trip to Paris! What to do to make a trip to the Eiffel Tower? Just that between 1st and 31st of October, you will add Instagram image with hashtags #articlesdepot and # aplights2017. However, there is a small catch – photos must be made with a smartphone or tablet . I do not know how you are, but I'm curious about the subject and above all the capabilities of the smartphone. As far as I have an idea for some shots, my smartphone would probably not have done it (unless I had something on our list of best photo phones at hand). So I'm waiting for the competition photos. Who knows, maybe someone will realize a vision similar to mine? You will find the contest rules on the organizer page . Good luck!