A new 50 mm fixed lens with the Canon logo will appear on the market. When can you expect it?

I put fifty, consciously, into my compilation of four lenses that you must have. Not much – I find that 50 mm is the most basic focal length , both on a full frame and on a smaller die, mainly for price, quality and brightness. Soon the market will show a novelty in this segment. As can be found from the canonrumors.com portal, Canon is working on the new fifty. And it will not be any kind of lens, because it has to be L series, or absolute top when it comes to Japanese equipment – let's say that recently Canon has shown four new eLki. Premier 50 mm can be announced next year! What will be the lens? There are more questions than answers here. There are no leaks except that two prototypes have been tested. As the canonrumors portal suggests, but also common sense, Canon can work on new or refurbished versions F1.2 and 1.4 . If this were the case, version 1.4 would have won, because it is not currently a top-end lens – it's just a USM lens. It is also worth mentioning that this is not completely meaningless treatment, because currently Canon has a 85mm F1.2L II USM and soon should be available in the 1.4L USM version. What can you say – Canon develops the system. But he does not do that with cameras, because he already has great. But it is investing heavily in lenses, because, although with these was not bad, something was missing. And now it is precisely these deficiencies Canon supplements. Source: canonrumors.com