There are new information about the Zenit lens. What do we know about the return of the legend?

We have informed you about Zenita's return some time ago. I admit sincerely that this project was particularly interested me, since Zenit is a cult brand, still alive among Polish photo enthusiasts. However, there is new information that is causing me to be concerned. Portals and Petapixel report that Zenit has no intention of competing with Leica. All in all it was good because he could have a bad chance. At the same time, Petapixel writes that Zenit may be a reworked Leica SL! These are disturbing news, because it comes out that the new camera will simply become a cheaper and poorer version of the German model. Let it be true that KMZ representatives say that they will not produce electronics. KMZ seemed to be working with Sony, which is doing well on the black market. However, the Russians will put on a slightly different solution. Leica's biggest price is the price, which is about 30 thousand zlotys for the body itself. I honestly doubt Zenit will cost less than half that amount. In other words – I would not expect at this moment to be welcomed enthusiastically, especially in our country. It is hard to say for sure whether Zenit is going in the right direction and how certain are the above information. However, if confirmed, I am not a success in Zenit's success in the photographic market.