The free update provides support for "FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO", improves collaboration with the studio flash controller, and improves camera functionality.

The firmware upgrade will provide support for the new "FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO" software which, when connected to a computer with a USB cable, allows the RAW file to be called on the camera. The new firmware will also improve the use of the camera with independent studio flash controllers and add new enhancements to enhance the camera's performance. Firmware Version – FUJIFILM GFX 50S: Ver.2.00 1. Support for "FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO" Software When connecting the camera to a computer with a USB cable, FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO software allows users to convert RAW files based on X Processor Pro. Fast packet processing becomes available. FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO software can be downloaded free of charge from the FUJIFILM website. 2. Improved use of the radio flash unit The update will allow users to shoot with compatible flash manufacturers, with slow shutter speeds and in TTL mode through appropriate radio controllers. 3. Support for backup / restore of camera settings via FUJIFILM X Acquire When connecting the camera to a computer with a USB cable, the "FUJIFILM X Acquire" software allows users to backup / restore camera settings (create a backup file / restore settings from a file). It is also possible to copy the settings of one camera to another camera. 4. Added "Eye Sensor + LCD Image Display" option in Preview mode. In Update mode, it introduces "Eye Sensor + LCD Image Display" in Preview mode , which allows you to shoot with the viewfinder in the viewfinder and check the image on the LCD monitor as it does. in the mirror. 5. Turn on / off the shutter speed change in increments of 1/3 The update allows you to deactivate the control dial to change the shutter speed in increments of 1/3. This prevents accidental change of settings. 6. Positive "Shooting Without a Card" mode With the update, you will be able to turn off "Capture without a card" mode to prevent the camera from taking pictures without SD card. 7. Adding "-6" and "-7" settings to EVF Brightness Adjustment The EVF Brightness setting adds "-6" and "-7" to the "EVF Brightness" setting. Even under very low light conditions, the brightness of the electronic viewfinder (EVF) will not be distracted during shooting.