There is information about the new Opteki lens for lenses. What is the manufacturer preparing for us?

We recently announced that there will be new Opteki lenses for lenses. So far we still do not know much about what Opteka is preparing for us, but the first glass reports are coming up. What could it be? According to the site Opteka is working on a wide angle. It has to be a lens with a focal length of 6.5mm, or fisheye.   Generally nothing new, because it is already – Opteka 6.5mm f3.5. However, this one is supposed to be brighter and offer a stop f2!   It is very possible that this will simply be a copy of the Meike 6.5mm f2 lens, as indicated by the new Opteki glass. It has 6 lenses arranged in 5 groups and a 9-leaf diaphragm. Sharpness will be set from 5cm. The angle of view of the lens can reach as much as 190 degrees! We unfortunately do not know when the lens may be available, we do not know the price. However, a price hint may be the cost of a new Meike lens, which is worth $ 600. Source: