What should I buy? New camera or new lens? Does it make sense to hook a good lens to a poor camera?

We often hear questions whether it is better to buy a new camera or a new lens and whether it is worth attaching a good lens to a poor camera and vice versa. It would seem to be hard for a unambiguous answer, but do not worry – we will certainly help!

New camera?

The most common reasons why our photo looks like and not the other way we look at the camera. And this is low ISO used, and it's not enough frames per second, and it's lack of WiFi and you can endlessly. But actually the camera stopped us enough? Should we look around for a new one now? canon80d-1 Let's take this example. We have too dark photos because we do not want noise and our camera gives visible grain from ISO 1000. Is that a reason to replace it? Not necessarily. After all, it is possible to extend the exposure time, we also have access to great photo editing programs, such as the free Lightroom alternatives, where we will successfully break the picture. The speed of serial mode should also not let us sleep from our eyes. I have been photographing sport for a good year with only 5 frames per second. It was not enough, but it was enough. Thanks to that I brought fewer shots from the matches, so the selection went faster. Such value may be too small for sprints, but it does not mean that you can not take pictures!

New lens!

This lens should be considered as the cause of insufficient photos. If our pictures are too dark and the lens is brighter at F4 then let's buy something brighter. F2.8 is one more EV plot for F4! This means that instead of ISO 1600, you use ISO 800. That's a huge difference.

fot. Clemens v. Vogelsang/Flickr CC

fot. Clemens v. Vogelsang/Flickr CC

A new, better lens can also improve the sharpness of the shots and affect its bokeh. It is worth adding that if we go to a poor camera, good lenses, then the photos will be okay. When we go to a good camera, we will not be able to use a weak lens! The photo will still be out of focus, soaps and visible aberration. It may even be worse if the lens offers a poor resolution and we will run it into a large-format camera. What lens to choose? Definitely good. Unfortunately this means spending, but if we are considering buying a new camera it should not be a big deal. Surely you will need bright glass, as I mentioned in the text about 4 lenses that you should have. Having a bigger budget and looking for proven products, it's a good idea to take a look at the best EISA 2017 lenses.

Do you have a good lens? Time for the camera!

Once we have a good lens, we may be interested in a new camera. Here, we should always aim a shelf higher than we have – and so the change from the Nikon D3000 to the Nikon D3200 will be visible, but in fact will stop our development. Switching to the Nikon D7100 or D7200 will already make more sense and will expand the wings. The best is usually the change to full frame . Many people say that it is not necessary and smaller matrices do well for them, but the realm has something mesmerizing about it, and the visual arts are really impressive. It is also worth adding that full cages better bear the high ISO. When you are wondering if you want to change the older camera or a weaker lens then definitely focus on the other. The new lens is an investment in the future , because you will be able to easily move it to a new camera if it is on the same system.