Need an alternative to Adobe Lightroom? Are you looking for a free program where you'll be able to quickly take a photo? See what you can replace Lightroom!

Lightroom is a program for processing RAW images . We can easily change the white balance, color saturation, etc. To put it bluntly – we can invoke a digital negative in it and change it into .JPG prepared for further processing.   The vast majority of photographers, especially professionals, use Adobe software. Unfortunately, it is not cheap. As long as professionals pay for such a program quickly, so for amateurs and hobbyists spending 50 zlotys a month can already be a significant burden on the home budget. Fortunately, there are good alternatives to Adobe software. We have written about free Photoshop equivalents on Today we will show you what to replace the popular Lightroom.


fot. fotoManiaK

fot. fotoManiaK

The most obvious option seems to be RawTherapee software. It can work on Windows, OS X and Linux. It is really a very advanced editor, with many options (like Adobe software) and very satisfactory results. There are also quite a few tutorials . Unfortunately – I did not find in the program the option to mass-export worked-out photos – and I really like this feature. RawTherapee program page

Capture NX-D



Nikon provides its Capture NX-D software to its users . It allows for basic RAW processing in .NEF and .NRW format. The program puts simplicity, automation and intuitive machining. A useful option may be preview "before and after" as well as the ability to display on two monitors . The interface is very similar to Lightroom, so switching from Adobe's trial version to Capture NX-D will not be problematic. It is worth emphasizing that the program also allows for uncomplicated processing of JPGs and TIFFs. Capture NX-D Program Page

Digital Photo Professional



Canona camera owners also got software from their maker. Digital Photo Professional differs slightly from Lightroom, but it is a really advanced editor. Of course, we can make it quicker to work with pictures and play a little more complicated work with curves or cards. It is worth noting that it supports sRGB and Adobe RGB color spaces as well as ICC profiles, so that we can prepare photos and network and print. Digital Photo Professional Program Page

Capture One Express

Fot. fotoManiaK

fot. fotoManiaK

This item may appear misleading in this statement because it is paid software. And that is true – but not for Sony users. It's almost a complete replacement for Lightroom , both for interface and image quality, and by many even preferred instead of Adobe software. Why almost? The Express version has some limitations – even if there are no ICC profiles and no watermark can be added to each image. You can also create a profile LCC and the lack of tools for retouching skin, which are available in the Pro version. Fortunately, the program can be improved at a fraction of the price of the whole program. Capture One Express Program Page

Other solutions

As you can see, you do not need to look for RAW software too far – most of us have it at hand, because the manufacturers have taken care of it. Of course there are other solutions, such as Lightzone , sometimes you can hunt DxO Optics Pro for free – the manufacturer provides earlier versions of their programs. They did not fit me in any way. There is one more path – converting RAW to .JPG and processing in graphics programs. This solution, however, does not make much sense in my opinion – it is better to set the camera right now in .JPG. More? Take a look at our photography articles.