Canon launches the latest promotional campaign "Return of cash for cameras and lenses" with a return of up to 4300 zlotys. The promotional action can be combined with other periodic promotions of the manufacturer and will result in a double cash return.

Canon has launched a new edition of the " Cash Refund for Camera and Lens " promotion for selected digital SLRs and EOS cameras with EF, EF-S and EF-M lenses. The most important change in this edition is that the new promotion is combined with other periodical promotions of the producer . This means that both the lens and the body registered in this promotion can be additionally registered in other ongoing promotional campaigns and thus receive a double cash return.

Promotion Policy:



To participate in the "Cash Refund when buying a camera and lens" promotion:
  • Not later than 90 days from purchase of the EOS camera or Cinema EOS camera and the EF / EF-S EF-M lens compatible with the body (eg EF-S lens can not be used for full-frame SLR);
  • Within 30 days of the purchase of the second product, register promotional products and submit a properly completed Application Form available at .

How to combine promotions and get double cash back?

To take advantage of several promotions at the same time, the selected product must be registered through two application forms . For example, by registering the EOS 80D body and the EF 24-70mm f / 4L IS USM lens in the "Cash back when buying a camera and a lens" promotion, you receive a return of 430 zlotys. The same body and lens we register in the promotion "Cash refund up to 860 zł" and we get 430 zł for the body and 860 zł for the lens. In this case the total return is as low as 1720 PLN. The promotion does not apply to lenses purchased from the body kit. A participant who purchased one camera body may receive a refund for only one lens purchased.

Other current promotions Canon:

Detailed information and regulations are available on . Source: press release.