Canon launches "Canon – Cash Refund" promotional campaign. The promotion includes 30 products, including Digital SLRs, lenses, compact cameras, camcorders and accessories. When you buy one of the promotional products, you can get a cash back up to 860 zlotys.

By purchasing one of the products covered by the promotion, you will receive a cash refund of up to 860 zlotys . In addition, each Promoter who correctly registers the purchased product will receive a 100GB Voucher on the Canon Irist cloud platform – an advanced application for storage and media management. fot. informacje prasowe To take advantage of this promotion :

  • In the period 17.05.2017 – 31.07.2017 buy products / promotional items in selected sales networks (full list of stores below).
  • Until 15.08.2017 (to midnight) register your purchase via the enrollment form on .
  • Include (in electronic form) a legible scan or photograph of the proof of purchase and a bar code cut from the product packaging.

List of products covered by the promotion:

fot. informacje prasowe

fot. informacje prasowe

For more information on promotions and the regulations, please visit our website . Source: press release.