Rumor has it that a few weeks should see two new lenses, but also a whole new camera from Sony. What kind of models going on and when can we expect them?

Interesting rumors flowing from . There are many indications that in April we will know the new lenses, but what is even more interesting, the new camera with interchangeable lens, which would join the models fitted with the Sony E. According to the portal, in April producer officially presenting two new glass – clear lens 16-35mm f / 2.8 GM and telephoto 100-400mm FE G. this shows that Sony is gradually expanding range of lenses with new glass, and also shows new versions of those already on the market. Two new lenses represent curiously – short due to the versatility, combined with a bright light, in turn, will provide a long very large close-up. More than lenses are curious camera. The manufacturer is supposed to present a new model of bezlusterkowym system mocowaniea E. As the information that would be a camera with a high-end, there is little mention of amateur models. If high shelf, which in turn raises the question of whether it will be a completely new camera, or the continuation of a well-known model. It has long been speculated that Sony will show new models. There was talk that the manufacturer can present new bezlusterkowca Sony A9, but the question is, what then of Sony A7R III. It is also possible that the camera will be announced successor was one of the models of the A7. Certainly many are waiting for A7S III, after the Panasonic recently unveiled GH5. For now, many do not know, but the information that already in April would appear the new model makes it very closely we follow the reports and share them with you.