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In December, the group visited Plock and Torun in January. Soon they will move records to a meeting in Bialystok. Note: Nozbe Mobile Photo Trip takes off in Events Festival, hoping to win in the category of events up to 100 participants. Help them win! You can vote on the event page . Coming back to the events in Plock … Who of you remember that Plock was the turn of the eleventh and twelfth centuries the Polish capital? Today, it is rather the forgotten town somewhere between Warsaw, Lodz and Torun, which continues to be the capital but the Polish oil industry. In Plock today – continuously since 1180 years, in the same place – the oldest operating in Poland High School, which is also one of the oldest on the Old Continent With its colorful history, Plock hides many wonderful nooks and crannies. And it was such nooks and doors leading to the Mysteries of Plock was the subject of the competition.

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Church Mariavite

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[Instagram url = https: //] More pictures from the trip to Plock can be found by searching the application Instagram #MobilePhotoTrip_Plock. In a few days, a summary of the trip to Torun.