What to do to become a better photographer? First of all, practice, or do a lot of pictures. And this will help the 52-week challenge for photographs, which can take part each of you.

Photographer Dale Fosh last year created a photographic challenge, in which the participating individuals, each week must take one picture. The challenge was met with so much interest, that this year the photographer decided to repeat it. This time, however, the tasks scheduled for each week will be difficult.

52 weeks – 3 categories

Individual weekly tasks have been divided into 3 categories: narrative, or storytelling. Good photographers are doing just pretty pictures. Great his paintings tell stories. This category has you learn to look at the world not in terms of nice shots, but the interesting stories that can be told in compliance with all principles of correct photographic composition. Technique. The technical process of creation and processing of images has a major impact on their final appearance. This process can also be associated with creativity, because the use of proper technique can make human resources a much better and more interesting. This category has to teach you proper use of technical knowledge to create better pictures. Artistic impressions. In this category, you will have the opportunity to express themselves. The previous two categories dictate a little more, but this leaves a large field for yourselves and is designed to help you define your creative style.

Effects and sharing

These categories are cyclical, each week one category. The author urges that each completed week to share the effects of their work, because through this we can gather the opinions of our photographs, as well as meet other participants who have taken up the challenge. Developer suggests sharing photos on social networking sites and affixing their hashtags: # dogwood52, # dogwood2017, and #dogwoodweek [NUMBER]. The whole plan of rozpisanymi the individual stages of weeks can be found on this page . Group on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/dogwood2017 Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/photographychatter