If you recently thought about buying the compact interchangeable lens, we have interesting information for you. Olympus prepared for their customers attractive offer. By purchasing one of the PEN system camera, you can buy a set of PEN Lens Kit at a preferential price.

Olympus PEN kit zoom / Photo by Olympus

This kit includes a bag of photographic PEN Street M and M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 40-150mm 1:4.0-5.6. The first of these accessories has an internal, padded dividers, so you can adjust and customize the bag to worn equipment in it. Additional front pocket for easy transport memory card or battery backup. Bag provides enough space for any PEN camera and two lenses. The lens is nearly four times the working zoom focal range equivalent to 80-300 mm in the camera małoobrazkowym. There is an optimized design and stylish metal design. The device is small, light and versatile. Check for both close-up portraits and photographing distant scenes. It is worth noting that a good complement to the kit lens. The whole set (not including camera) now costs 649 gold. For more details and a list of stores participating in the promotion can be found at the producer .