Do you know how you should sign your photo before it upublicznisz online or agree to its publication in the press? If not – this manual is for you!

According to the report, "Wanted, wanted. Who is the author of the published photographs?" More than half of professional photographers in Poland does not know how to properly sign your own photo. This situation is so alarming that it was the caption under a photograph determines the existence of the profession. In the digital age, when virtually every one of us becomes the author of works available in the public domain, the problem of intellectual property rights is becoming more urgent. According to the said report compiled by the editors of the portal , some titles because media did not put an annotation dot. The author of the published photographs. In order to improve this situation, the Instruction was established proper signature images, which opinion is the introduction of a standard assay of photography in Polish society.

Who and what protects the copyright?

In Poland, the protection of copyright shall be the owner of each work, regardless of complying with any formalities. This means that since 1994 (ie. The entry into force of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights), there are no additional procedures or any conditions that must be met in order to be able to use the author of the rights to it.



More importantly, the right to sign the copyright at the picture belongs to a group of individual rights, ie those which can not be waived, sell, inherit, and in addition are eternal – never expire. In the context of photography represents an absolute obligation to place the author's notes under each photo deployed, if the author did not mention that it would be signed.

How to sign photo – manual

In order to develop standards for signing pictures in Poland, the editors of the portal , through consultations with representatives of photographic created instruction proper signature images. Pozwla it in a simple and fast way to figure out how to mark a particular photograph, not to break the copyright law. Manual also tells how to behave in four specific cases, ie. When:

  • The author is also the owner of the property rights
  • property rights are "nested" – the agency to which they belong grants sublicenses another agency
  • the author does not want to disclose, or is unknown
  • source image is public domain

We hope that the "Manual correct his signature images" will help both those who create photography, as well as those who use it. Photographers, journalists, photo editors, but also the proverbial Kowalski – can we all take care of it, to the author of a work of art, which undoubtedly is the photograph was appropriately honored and could reap the financial benefits granted to him.

– Victor Sobolewski, project coordinator



For more on copyright and related rights in the photographs, see . Source: press release