During the upcoming Festival of Two Shores there will be a photo exhibition Tomek Sikora.

On Sunday July 31 g. 15 in Mięćmierzu Gallery on the fence will be an exhibition of photographs by Tomek Sikora "Tribute to Colours". The event is organized for the 10th Festival of Film and Art Two Shores. Photographs are inspired by a collection of designer clothes Chi-Chi Ude, which in turn derives from the typical African colored design. The purpose of the exhibition, says Tomek Sikora, is to open the society to other cultures:

The colors are the most beautiful invention of the creator of this world. The variety of colors of nature and people give us the feeling of being in paradise. Seized growing xenophobia and fear of other cultures on the one hand and delighted extremely bright and graphic collection of clothes inspired by Africa by Chi-Chi Ude on the other hand, zebrałemgrupę people, we have created this little book dedicated to the power of color.

All photographs are made Fujifilm X series of cameras, including the latest model of X-T2.

He accompanied me on the set of camera – the newest kid FUJIFILM X-T2. This neat, fast, armed with a tilting screen camera proved in all conditions. High sensitivity matrix allowed to register in the natural situation, often very modest light. They created a beautiful, artistic and colorful images that I dedicate everything, and this open to the world and to those who fear him, because he does not know. Do not be afraid of diversity.

, adds the photographer. The exhibition runs until August 7th. Admission is free. Source: press release