If you would like to immediately produce images captured smartphone, it is a way. Housing Prynt Case.

Recently we spent some time instant photography. We tested the Fujifilm Instax Mini 70, and also wrote about the printer Instax SHARE SP-2. The second went through the competition, and that is has just Prynt Case. While the printer Fuji distance running, whereas in Prynt Case put our smartphone. Then just have to install a dedicated application (available for Android and IOS) and we can take pictures. The machine prints images on paper ZINK, and the size of a single print a 2×3 inch. Very similar capabilities gives Instax Share, the difference is, however, that the images of Instaxa look like the old Polaroids, and so have a white border, and the structure of the paper is slightly thicker. prynt2 The printer works with several more popular models of smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 or an iPhone 6 / 6s Plus, they probably soon will gain the opportunity to work other models. What understood, however, the printer manufacturer takes into account only the more flagship smartphones. The Prynt Case will cost about 150 euros, or 50 euro less than the cost will Instax Share. The printer also get 10 cartridges. In contrast, for a set of 50 cartridges will cost 25 euros, which is also slightly less than the contributions to Instaksa, which cost 30 zł for 10 pieces. But in one respect Prynt Case significantly loses to a printer Fuji – number of models. SHARE Instax makes no restrictions – it can take advantage of all smartphone owners, while the overlay Prynt limited suddenly several models. Prynt Case you can buy through the manufacturer's website and the printer is available in three different colors: black, white and blue.