EASYCOVER Company presents a new protective cover for bezlusterkowca Sony A6300, available also in the colors of camouflage.

If you plan to purchase the latest bezlusterkowca Sony A6300 may also want to think about its adequate collateral. For example, a protective silicone cover of EASYCOVER. Such a shield to stop dust and slightly soften a possible fall.


EASYCOVER Cover is available in a traditional black color, but also in the colors of camouflage. Is it looks nice, it's a moot point, but it certainly draws attention. A special case can buy through the portal eBay for the price of 27 euros. EASYCOVER The company is known for its protective case for cameras, but so far has not created anything for the model Sony. We can therefore expect that the case for Sony A6300 soon there will be cover for other models from the manufacturer.