What to look for, you are wanting to buy a monopod? How to choose the equipment that will be something more than a mere "stick"? The answer in our text.

We wrote recently that you should buy a more expensive camera tripod, also advised that the tripod to film will be the best. As you know, the stability in the case of photos and videos basis. Yet, even the tripod is sometimes problematic to use. Then it comes to the aid monopod. And we advise that choose not to regret.

What is a monopod?

Today, typing the word "monopod" in the search for Allegro'll be overwhelmed by the mass of products like "Selfie stick", addressed to lovers of shooting a smartphone. We are writing about a monopod we have in mind, however, a device that can replace the stand. The English name of a tripod to tripod, three legs, in which it is fitted. Monopod is, as the name suggests, stand with one leg and in fact that's how you describe it. Good monopod should give us the same functionality as the stand, with the difference that we can not leave the camera and go – all the time we have to stick monopod. But beyond that, working with him should be the same as the stand – so we can maintain a stable personnel, but also pan up and down.

When you replace monopod tripod?

Monopod prove invaluable in situations where we want the ability to move quickly from one place to another. We spread only one leg, instead of three, and set the frame. And when you want to change the location, we monopod hand and quickly move elsewhere. If a tripod is not so simple. We need to spread the three legs and all set at the same angle, if we want to personnel was well positioned vertically and horizontally. It takes a little time. When moving the stand in another place falls, in turn, bring all the legs to each other, to be able to with stand fit, because the spread tripod takes quite a lot of space and its move in this form is very uncomfortable.

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Tripod needs a lot of space, because we have to lay out all three legs of the maximum width to provide him with the best stability. Meanwhile, when photographing, for example, in a crowd of people at the festival, and we want to approach as close to something interesting – a big problem will be pressed between the others and spread the tripod. But come between the people of the "stick", which can be set up close to the body, will not cause us trouble, and the people around us does not fit in annoyance. Monopod gives us so mobility – can quickly spread, occupies little space, and its transfer is not problem.

What best height?

Monopod should be high enough so that we can freely use it. We must therefore be individualized to growth. If we are going to shoot using only the optical viewfinder, the camera placed on a monopod to be at the height of our eyes (which means that the height of the monopod can be up to 10 cm lower than our growth – head and so make the camera will be higher, and the viewfinder is placed in the upper part of the body). If monopod will be used for filming or photographing using a screen which in addition will be diverted, then its maximum height can be up to 30 cm lower than our growth and still work we will be comfortable. Better yet, buy a monopod bigger than smaller, so as to give himself room for maneuver.

What head?

Like the tripod, monopod also not be complete without a head. The choice should be made ​​between heads a ball and oil. The first one better suited for photographs, because it gives us more room to maneuver when it comes to setting a variety of frame. The second one will be better for movies – allow for smooth panning up and down.

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What else should be the head? It may surprise you, but not too expensive. Good head to cost up to 500 zł, except that in the case of a monopod is unnecessary expense. And so we do not use fully its potential, because we'll only perfect team using a tripod. This does not mean that we have to buy the cheapest head – let's find a reasonable compromise. Instead of head Manfrotto for 500 zł we can buy Velbon head for less than 200 zł – for monopod will be just in time.

The legs provide stability

This is the most important issue when it comes to monopod. If we want to have a really reliable and stable staff, our monopod should be equipped with mounted on the bottom of the 3 small legs. They will provide much more stability and allow any tilt monopod without fear that the foot slips on the floor and spoil yourself cadres. Good quality lower legs make it, we can even put on earth monopod with a camera strapped and this is not overturned. Of course I not advise such a solution, because just a small gust of wind would turn over the camera. However, the example shows how much inconspicuous give stem.

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How much do you pay for a good monopod?

The cheapest models we find already for 50 zł, however, advise against the purchase. Monopod design must be sufficiently robust to easily cope with the weight of 2 or 3 kilos because so much can weigh the camera lens, flash, grip … Good monopod will cost several hundred dollars. Best quality ensure Manfrotto models, which cost up to 1,000 zł, but already for 500 zł find the Benro monopod – a high, stable through the legs attached, and at the same time equipped with a very good head ensures high liquidity. The cheapest option that I could find is Yunteng VCT-288 , which you can only buy directly from China. In terms of our currency, you have to pay for it about 160 gold, but get for a monopod with feet and head oil, which is equivalent to the popular head Velbon PH-368 (original head is worth more than the Chinese monopod). If you are looking for budget solution – it is worth.