Do you have your own camera? We advise on what to buy for him not to feel alone …

Gather for months, or longer, but in the end he goes – buy my first camera – SLR or bezlusterkowca. You want to start doing the best pictures that will not be resolved this, that you have seen on the internet and made for you the impression. But the camera itself is not enough. Of course counts a lens, but now advise you that in addition to the camera and lens should have every passionate photographer.

The flash lamp

fot. Joseph Vasquez / Flickr CC

It's probably the first thing that comes to mind to anyone pasjonatowi photographs. Most cameras have built-in flashes, but they are pretty average and not give great opportunities. That is why at the very beginning you should purchase external flash. When shooting indoors flash will prove invaluable in the case of an external flash can precisely control the power of flash, so you do not prześwietlimy frame, and the possibility of bringing the torch to the top, for example on the ceiling, and not directly on the subject make the characters will be well lit and outlined. Skillfully used the flash will give us a nice outline form and good lighting so you will not have to use a higher ISO, and thus reduce the risk of noise. Cheapest flashes buy now for about 200 dollars. They will be equipped with a screen and its own power supply (using the battery). They will often allow controlled wirelessly via remote control. A good lamp, you have to pay over 500 dollars and this will provide you with really good results. Do not be fooled – good lamp does not have to cost two thousand.


Velbon VideoMate 638 / photo.

It is another item on your shopping list. A good tripod will allow you to correctly and accurately set staff, which in the case of handheld shooting will not be possible – just hundredths of a second between pressing the shutter and taking the picture to personnel slightly moved and as a result look different than you planned. Tripod will also indispensable for shots after dark. As you know, that evening pictures were successful we need to use slow shutter speeds. If the camera is not set securely, this image will be blurred. What stand should you choose? Depending on the application you can buy a tiny tripod allowing freely adjust the legs – will help us to better crop and or invest in something bigger. If you've been looking for a high tripod is worth it to buy one that will be suitable to our growth – a low tripod will force us to bend over, to be able to see a preview of the frame in the viewfinder and in the long run will be very burdensome. When shooting the best will apply ball head, as it will allow a lot of flexibility when setting the frame.

Memory card

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we have not mentioned this at the beginning, because each of you will have a card before buying the camera. However, memory cards also worth spending a few words. First of all, the faster the card, the better. Of course, in the case of images that do not need high-speed cards like the movies, but the latest cameras save files in high resolution, and thus – the card must deal with their record. Too slow card can not keep up with saving RAW files in batch mode. Optimum card is such a class of 10 or higher – will allow free entry even RAWów. Another important issue is the size of the card. You have to reckon with the fact that high-quality pictures they will take a lot of space, so it is not worth buying the card less than 32 GB – this size will provide us with enough space to make hundreds of photos at the highest resolution, so you will not have to fear that a sudden we run out of space.

spare batteries

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Today's devices consume quite a lot of energy, and I think there is nothing worse than a dead battery when you want to do important pictures. Therefore, from the very beginning should be provided with at least one, and preferably two additional rechargeable batteries. As a result, you can safely go on location with a camera and take pictures, even all day. Original battery for our camera can cost up to hundreds of dollars, so you should look for cheap alternatives. They can not be held power for as long as the original, but for the price of one original battery buy time 7 substitutes, or more.


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Speaking of power, it is impossible not to mention gripie, which is a device that will allow us to work longer with the camera. Grip plug in the same place, in which we put a normal battery. It works more or less on the basis of power of the bank, and thus represents an additional energy to provide extended operating time without exchanging the battery. Grip can be powered by alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries, so that the discharge can be immediately put new batteries. Grip also provides a comfortable grip equipment – camera is more massive and thus more stable and better holding it. Original grips cost a lot, but now find cheaper alternatives for less than 200 dollars and not be much worse than the original.

backpack photo

Case Logic Contrast KDB-101 / photo.

When the amount of our equipment and photographic accessories will grow to such a level that the taking with him everything becomes problematic, time to think about the backpack, which will pack everything. Backpack photo will fit the camera and several lenses, which are separated from each other compartments. There will also be a place for flash and spare batteries. If the equipment does not have a lot, you can also think about photography bag. Bags are usually smaller than backpacks, but also of them fit into the camera lens and flash lama. Cheapest backpacks and bags can be found for less than 200 zlotys. For the best pay more than 500 gold, but provide enough robustness, that well safeguard our equipment and at the same time be resistant to water or snow.

photo filters

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Thanks to the filters will provide our lens from scratches, but they have a more important role to play. Thanks to the filter polaryzacyjnemu will be able to get a more vivid picture – it is through this filter, we can get a more blue sky, which is heavily saturated. Very useful may be a gray filter, or ND. Their function is the amount of light incident on the lens. Thanks to darken the image, we can use long exposure times, which will be useful when you want to make interesting shots of flowing water. In addition, the ND filter will allow us to open the aperture wide and getting shallower depth of field. The cost of the filter is from several dozen to several hundred gold for the best models.

Wide Converter / tele

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If We can not afford to buy extra lenses you should think about buying a converter. Wide allow us to achieve even broader half of the frame, which will be especially useful in the case of APS-C for up to 18 mm which is actually not so large. Another issue is the tele that work unlike wide-angle, that is, they extend the effective focal length. So if you do not have a long lens you should purchase a tele-converter, as long focal lengths can be very useful. For the converter you have to pay a few hundred dollars. Not worth looking for the cheapest models, as they can significantly degrade image quality.