Cashback includes lenses and cameras manufacturer. You can submit up to 10 products and therefore get the return of a few thousand.

Every person who buys the product covered by the promotion in the store, which is a partner of the campaign and at a certain time (26.02-3.04 and 26.02-31.05 for lenses for cameras and kits), will receive cash back. Claim a cash refund should be notified between 30 and 60 days from the date of purchase at, including sending Scan a receipt or invoice and stating the serial number of the purchased product and account number to which you want the money to be returned. Buying lenses can report no later than 3.06, and cameras / kits 31.07. The products included in the promotion are:

  • Lenses XF14, XF16, XF23, XF56, XF56APD, XF90> 430 zł refund
  • Lenses XF18, XF27, XF35F1.4, XF35F2, XF60> 215 zł refund
  • X-T1, T1-X Graphite Silver Edition, a set of X-T1 + XF18-55, a set of X-T1 + XF18-135> 860 zł refund
  • X-T10 (black / silver), a set of X-T10 + XC16-50, X-XF18-55 T10 +, T10 + X-XC16-50 XC50-230 +> 430 zł refund

is not allowed in the promotion notification lens kit. Between 26.03 and 31.07 you can submit up to 10 products (including cameras and lenses) in up to three conclusions. Reported products can not be repeated, for example, a camera X-T1 camera and a set of X-T1 + XF18-55 are calculated as the product itself. Home will be launched on March 4, the earliest applications can be there to make 26.03. The list of partner shops and regulations can be found at this link . Source: press release