How far is able to go to the photographer to get an interesting effect in the picture? Sometimes too far.

Point Reyes is a national park located on the California coast. Extremely interesting, because it can feel as if time stood still. His manager shall ensure that, to remain niemieniony and therefore everything that is in it, over the years has not been affected. One of the characteristic elements of the park is an old fishing boat standing on the coast. For years he was the object photographed hundreds of times because of its stylish look – old boat affected by the passage of time. Since the boat was photographed as many times, what do you do to stand out from your photograph?

Playing with fire

Probably just such a question was asked a photographer who decided to "revive" a little picture by launching fireworks around the boat. Sparks in combination with long exposure gave a great effect and photographer boasted his photo on Instagram. The problem, however, is that as a result of firing fireworks boat burst into flames, and local residents saw smoke called the fire department. Firefighters extinguished the fire, but unfortunately this has already digest the entire rear of the boat. Now the boat is in so bad condition that the park authorities intend to remove it, so nobody hurting himself trying to climb it.

Photo, which resulted in a fire / photo.

And so iconic for the park object can be removed, and all this photographer, who decided to play with fire. The whole thing came to light just because of Instagrama. No one knew why the boat was in flames, because the arrival of the fire photographer had already left the place. However thrown on the popular portal image showing a boat covered by sparks immediately led many to believe that it is the action photographer caused the fire. Photo flash has been removed from Instagrama, but someone managed to do screen display, so you can identify the perpetrator. The problem is that the ministry does not intend to take any action in order to hold perpetrators accountable. As said Jim Fox, commander of the local fire department, no action will be initiated, because, he says, you can not punish someone for destroying what already was destroyed. The question arises only where the end boundaries that people do not exceed to get a photo? Source: