The opportunity to do a portrait is within easy reach of everyone. Just take out the smartphone to force posturing smile and press the button. But how to give real emotions, capture the depth looks and break the shyness?

The art of portraiture is dedicated to workshop "Portrait for Beginners", which is an ideal complement to the course "Edit portrait from A to Z". Both offered by the Academy Nikon training are addressed to all who want to try their hand at the difficult field of photographic portraits. During the workshop, budding photographers will acquire practical skills and learn the tricks used by professionals. Participants will also choose the equipment, as well as edit photos in a professional program, so that created a unique and distinctive image. Workshops "Portrait for beginners" answer to the question of how to make great portraits, being a novice photographer. Classes will lead an experienced portraitist, working with agencies in Poland and Austria – Michal Korta. At the workshop the photographer will share experience in mining posing as emotions and show how to make a stranger appeared in front of the lens its true face. For photography enthusiasts who do not want to finish work on the picture when it was taken, Nikon Academy has prepared the course "Edit portrait from A to Z". This is a unique opportunity to learn how to edit and retouch your images and work on the portrait studio, childhood, holiday, wedding or family. The aim of the course is to encourage participants to perceive the picture hidden potential, which can be used with simple tricks of editing. Teacher Gregory Moment Płaczek, a specialist in wedding photography, will present the most useful and fast tricks editorial. Participants will learn, among others, developing RAW files, and solving problems related to the colors, sharpness and texture of skin. With a course eliminate errors in typography and learn about the work environment and Photoshop. More about the courses at the Academy of Nikon. Source: press release