If you want to learn a little about how to take good pictures, this course as one of the few in the network can really help you.

On the Internet we can find many courses of photography. Some are paid, others free. In the case of the latter it is difficult to hit on something interesting. Therefore, we say a few words about the course of photographs from the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It is run online, completely free, and at the same time has been prepared by specialists. This course does not teach you image editing in Photoshop, but how to look at the pictures and how to read. As they say the creators of the course, taking pictures, watching them and sharing them has become part of our lives, but, paradoxically, we become blind to the picture. The course is designed to bridge the gap between ordinary looking at the photographs, and their understanding and reading. As you can guess, the course run by the Museum of Modern Art will be taught how to crop or edit photos. He has to learn for reception of artistic images, so that we then can we, through our photographs convey something.

Home Course / photo. coursera.org/learn/photography

The course consists of 6 thematic lectures, 6 short films, 4 widekonferencji, 16 audio presentation and many other items. All available absolutely free. The course aims to show the participants more than 180-year history of photography from its origins, will be based among other things on the collections of the museum. The creators of the course they want to show photography as a means of artistic expression, a tool for telling stories and express themselves. The whole course was prepared by Sarah Meister, curator of the museum. Focus is not on a layer of technical shooting, but on learning and understanding of photography through her storytelling skills image. This course is planned for 6 weeks because that is so much thematic lectures. However, you can freely choose between lessons and take part in all at once. To join the workshop to be register on its website , which are available for free lectures. Courses photographic are very popular, but we mention this particular just because unlike most courses, is not focused on a layer of technical issues (such as our "Photography for green"), but rather visual. It teaches the use of photography as a means of expression and therefore can be very interesting for people who want to deal with art photography. source: moma.org