With the entry into the second decade of the twenty-first century, we are all photographers …

Taking pictures is something timeless. They made it our grandparents, parents, and now we do. It turns out, however, that the current generation of beats in this regard at the head of all the previous, even before suddenly this decade. It turns out that the current amateur photographers in the world over eight times more than suddenly ten years ago. This information portal has published amateur photographer based on the report by Futuresource Consulting.

We are all photographers

The report shows that at present the world with over 4 billion people taking pictures, with more than 1.2 trillion per year is taken with smartphones. This is the secret. Smartphones. It is thanks to so much increase in the number of people who take pictures. Yet only 10 years ago it was not so popular. Because, if even then most of us have mobile phones, it rarely were they provided with the camera. And even if it was so weak that no one thought seriously about the fact that it could replace a normal camera. However, over the last ten years, the branch of mobile phones has changed dramatically, the technical quality of equipment often matched the old computers, and built-in cameras parameters do not differ from CDs.

fot. Dick Thomas Johnson / Flickr CC

With all this current mobile phones not only wygryzają market compact cameras, but also affect the rise in popularity of shooting in general. Thanks to smartphones, many people who previously did not use cameras, suddenly began to take pictures on power, immortalizing on them every moment of your life. Themselves admit, do not hold the phone right away, as soon as you see something interesting? Capture the popularity of mobile impact is of course not only better quality camera, but also the growing popularity of social networking sites that allow us to share our photographs captured with such as facebook or instagram.

Who has a phone that takes pictures

And that's why, as the data from the report in question, 79 percent of smartphone users regularly do their pictures. So photograph passes The many years of evolution – from classes for selected through an expensive hobby, until something completely universal. We can say that today we are all photographers. And very well. Of course, the opportunity to take photos everywhere, and without limitation has its dark side, which is even the phenomenon of cyberbullying in schools, but also much more we find advantages. And even if among hundred of photos from smartphones will be 99 different kinds selfie and pictures of food, it can hit at least one of which is a photographic gem. And if you want to know how well you take pictures with your smartphone, be sure to read our cycle. Source: amateurphotographer.co.uk