As part of the Christmas promotion company Quantuum, for each purchased the flash, continuous light or set is added to a silver umbrella with a diameter of 91 cm.

This year's Christmas promotion includes all the lamps brand Quantuum, both flash and continuous light and lamp assemblies, which is currently on offer. For each product purchased will be included gift. The action begins on December 7, 2015. And will last until the end of the year. The gift is a silver umbrella with a diameter of 91 cm. It will be useful on both seasoned photographers and those who are buying their first study lamp. Umbrella is the easiest to use and install, fastest light modifier large area. To take advantage of the promotion, you need to 31st December. place an order for a lamp or lamps set in one of the stores offering brand Quantuum equipment. You do not have extra to register or send notifications. You only need to make a purchase and a gift will be added to each package with a lamp or a set. For a complete list of distributors by Quantuum can therefore begin on the manufacturer's website. Source: Quantuum